Jr. Firm Members

Cash J. Corbitt

Jr. Firm Member

On January 4, 2015, Cash Joseph Corbitt was announced to the Firm. After a brief adjustment period to his new world, Cash accepted an offer, through his agents, to join Absolute Law as the first “Absolute Baby.” He negotiated several conditions precedent to his relationship with the Firm, including but not limited to, a specially designed, decorated office furnished with custom furniture, a pre-stocked toy box, flat screen television (with Netflix) and a portable bed for convenient napping.

His office was completed in late spring and he began attending work in June, 2015. During his short tenure with the Firm Cash has already shown exceptional aptitude for the law. At six months Cash demonstrated superior logical reasoning skills with puzzle-like toys rated at or beyond a first year level. Mr. Corbitt’s current duties include greeting new Clients, helping Staff Members (particularly Kaiser as a fellow junior Firm member) learn patience, leading the Firm’s effort to foster a fun, family oriented work place and providing extemporaneous comic relief throughout the day to lower over-all work place stress. We anticipate that he will take on greater responsibilities as his tenure with Absolute Law grows.


Jr. Firm Member

Kaiser jointed the firm in late 2014. His family originally hails from Germany and he is descended from a long line of royalty. Kaiser attended the finest schools, graduating from Petsmart with a bachelor’s degree in early 2015, then going on to earn his Master’s in behavioral science at that same institution. Kaiser has matriculated into a post-graduate program, which begins in January 2016, to become certified in therapy and assist the firm’s clients who may suffer from PTSD. His skills add to the well-rounded and diverse personality of Absolute Law. Currently, Kaiser’s primary duties include greeting client’s, entertaining the children in family law matters while the parents meet with our lawyers and providing comic relief during file review sessions.