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Aggressive Criminal Defense

In the face of criminal charges, your freedom, reputation and future hang in the balance. The weight of the justice system can be daunting, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. At Absolute Law, we understand the gravity of criminal cases and are here to provide you with assertive representation, loyal support and the determination to fight hard for your rights.

When your liberty is at stake, you need more than just legal representation; you need dedicated advocates to protect your rights. At Absolute Law, our attorneys stand as your unwavering allies, ready to guide you through the complexities of criminal defense.

Fearless Defense Against A Range Of Charges

Criminal charges cast a wide net, and each case demands a specific approach tailored to its nuances. At Absolute Law, our lawyers provide aggressive representation and strategic defense for a spectrum of cases, recognizing that each situation requires a unique strategy. Here’s a closer look at some of the types of cases we cover and the potential defenses we employ:

  • DUI offenses: Driving under the influence charges can have serious consequences. Our team understands the intricacies of DUI laws. We employ various defenses, such as challenging sobriety test accuracy, contesting traffic stops and questioning the legality of the arrest.
  • Theft crimes: Theft charges can range from petit theft to grand theft. We analyze the evidence closely, exploring defenses like mistaken identity, lack of intent or challenging the value of the stolen property.
  • Firearms and weapons charges: These charges often hinge on issues like proper licensing or the legality of the weapon’s possession. Our team examines the charges against you and whether law enforcement violated your rights during the search and seizure process, potentially leading to evidence suppression.
  • Drug offenses: Drug crime charges can involve issues related to search and seizure, entrapment, or the validity of warrants. We meticulously review the circumstances of your arrest to identify any violations of your constitutional rights.
  • Juvenile crimes: Defending minors requires a unique approach. We advocate for alternatives to incarceration, such as diversion programs or counseling, to ensure that young individuals have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.
  • Sex crimes: Sex crime accusations are often complex and sensitive. We approach these cases with utmost discretion and work to uncover any inconsistencies in the evidence or testimony that might undermine the prosecution’s case.
  • Domestic violence accusations: Defending against domestic violence charges involves a thorough examination of the relationship dynamics and any potential motives behind false accusations. We work to ensure a fair trial and protect your rights.

With attorney Anthony Melchiorre’s experience as a former prosecutor, our defense strategies are bolstered by a deep understanding of how the prosecution builds its case. This insight allows us to anticipate their tactics and develop robust counterarguments.

Taking On State And Federal Matters

Criminal charges can escalate from state to federal levels, each carrying its own set of rules and consequences. At Absolute Law, our attorneys are equipped to handle both state and federal criminal cases, ensuring that your defense remains strong regardless of the jurisdiction.

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Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face them alone. The attorneys at Absolute Law are here to provide you with determined representation and empathetic support. For a free consultation, make an appointment in our Fort Myers office by calling 239-268-4669 or filling out our online form. Your rights deserve to be vigorously defended.